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Dive into a realm of ultimate entertainment with our simulative games. With the mobile game developers, here’s what we primarily offer:

Video Game Development

Turn your video game concept into reality with our premium game development services. Fuel your entertainment experience with a seamless gaming session.

Board Game Development

We infuse a touch of uniqueness and modern development, ensuring the perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation just for you!

Services Offered

Game App Development

Do you love how entertaining games are? Let’s delve into the game app development process that we at Fast Tech Pro offer.

1. Game Conceptualization

Here’s the key to developing fluid-perfect games: we spend days conceptualizing.

2. Design and Planning

We now plan and design the game’s interface to perfection!

3. Development

Our best game developers write lines of code that result in a seamless game.

4. Testing and Quality Assurance

Our QA experts test and debug the game app to avoid any functionality issues.

5. Launch

After months of iOS game development, the game is ready to be launched!

6. Post-Launch Support and Updates

No, that wasn’t the end. We also ensure your game app’s maintenance.

Project Development Cycle

Game App Development

From sketching out the game’s blueprint to dividing resources, it’s all done in the first stage. Along with that, we ensure everyone’s on the same page, and we proceed according to the client’s requirements.
It's always a game’s simulation that keeps the players hooked. An expert team of designers spends weeks designing a visually appealing game design. For example, for an arcade game, the designers need to follow a specific color palette, pixelation, font, and the list goes on.
We now proceed to the main stage, i.e., iOS game development. Our mobile game developers write the code based on the finalized design. They also ensure its functionality, i.e., the game's seamlessness, simulative properties, and flowy storyline.
Although the code’s run before, to ensure zero game glitches, our QA experts now run and test the code. This also involves bug fixes, i.e., a rigorous procedure of debugging the game app.
After testing the game, it’s the final stage everyone’s been waiting for. The game is ready to be launched in the market. Along with the game app launch, we also offer our promotion and marketing services to make sure your game makes it to the top!

Frequently Asked Questions

As the best mobile game development company, here are the FAQs we generally hear from our audience.

A game development agency develops different types of games. From project conceptualization to development and maintenance, they do it all.
You can find them on social platforms or through the search engine. However, we recommend contacting a reliable mobile game development company, like us, the Fast Tech Pro agency.
A basic game should cost you $17,000, but its type, customization, and other requirements can increase the cost.
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