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Wondering what’s unique about our search engine optimization services? It’s the results! With a clientele stretching over 2000, we take care of all leaky buckets.

On-page SEO Services

As a trusted SEO agency, we take care of everything from relevant content to effective link-building. We’ve got you covered!

Off-page SEO Services

You’re assured of strong backlinks and a solid outreach strategy. We drive engagement like no other SEO company.

Services Offered –

SEO Services Offered

High search engine rankings are

1. On-page SEO Services

We research, analyze, and use all on-page content to drive engagement.

2. Off-page SEO Services

Our high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites guarantee visibility.

3. Local SEO

Our localized intent ensures you appear on top of the search results.

4. Technical SEO

Our search engine optimization services make sure your site meets all technical requirements.

5. Analysis and Audit Reports

Through site analysis and audit, we analyze and patch up a leaky bucket

6. Content Optimization

We ensure your site’s content is 100% original and relevant to users.

SEO Service Stages –

SEO Strategy Development

It all starts with solid research. After analyzing your business mission and goals, we leverage top-grade SEO tools that assist us with keyword research and analysis. Once done, we gear up for the next step.
After gathering all the relevant researched elements, we’re ready to set the on-page optimization in motion. The primary focus is on content generation that is written for the users and optimized for the search engines.
After successful content generation, we ensure the content is inter-linked and optimized to rank on the search engines. Based on website research, we create relevancy among the titles and make the content accessible to the readers.
SEO analysis encompasses a thorough examination of a website's on-page and off-page elements. This includes evaluating keyword usage, content quality, site structure, backlinks, local SEO, technical SEO problems, and general performance.
This step evaluates strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint areas for enhancement. And verify that the strategy complies with up-to-date SEO standards.

The Frequently Asked Questions

US SEO agencies usually charge almost $80/hour. However, depending on the tasks and requirements, the payment can vary.
An SEO firm specializes in optimizing websites through both on-page and off-page techniques, enhancing search engine rankings for web pages.
An SEO firm elevates rankings, drives organic traffic, and boosts revenue through SEO audits, on-page enhancements, content creation, link building, keyword analysis, and technical optimizations.
Fast Tech Pro is the best company for SEO services. It offers a packed team of experts that ensure accelerated business awareness, engagement, and conversions.
No, Fast Tech Pro doesn’t charge any consultation fee.
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